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Legal Support

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This agency provides free legal services for immigrants and activists! They offer free legal screenings for immigrants without an attorney to receive legal consultation. Call their 24/7 hotline (English and Spanish available!) at 872-267-2252!

  • All voicemails will be returned within 7 days and the voicemails are checked every weekday 

  • They also provide free legal services for activists who are facing legal consequences of their activism

  • Click their logo to be directed to their services page!


They help low-income renters in Chicago receive legal support for a variety of reasons. To receives their services, you MUST contact them and go through an intake process so they can determine if you are eligible. They can help with evictions, building foreclosures, housing discrimination, dangerous living conditions (i.e. bed bugs, lead paint, mold), unresponsive landlords, utility shut-off from your landlord, requiring the help of an attorney with landlord-related issues, and questions about security deposits. 

  • Call 312- 347-7600 to start the intake process! 

  • Or, you can text "Hi" to 866-773-6837

  • Call 312-784-3507 if you have questions about your building foreclosure, if it is in foreclosure, and your rights throughout the process

  • Click their logo to be directed to their services page!


This is an additional resource through Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing. This is a virtual assistant that you can ask general questions to around your housing needs in Spanish and English! Click the logo to be directed to "Remmy" the robot! 

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Legal Aid Chicago offers free legal services for low-income renters in Cook County and Chicago. They help people with unfair evictions, utility shut-offs, foreclosures, etc. They protect survivors of sexual assault, trafficking, and domestic violence and preserves program benefits like veterans' benefits, social security, and health benefits. In addition, they also support senior citizens who were targeted of a scam and immigrants in need of a variety of support. These are just some of the many reasons they can help! 

  • Call 312-341-1070 to start the intake process

  • Calls are taken as early as 8:00 am on weekdays but they can only take a select number of calls a day, so the earlier you call the better

  • All calls are returned the same day

  • They offer services in Spanish and English, but if you need another language, just wait on the line and you will be provided with a free interpreter 

  • Click their logo to be directed to their services page!

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Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt offers no-cost legal services for those who reside in Cook County. They can help if you are facing an eviction, you are being sued for unpaid debt, if you are behind on your mortgage payments, etc. 

  • They will help regardless of language, immigration status, or income

  • Call their hotline number to be connect to their legal services at 855-956-5763

  • Their hotline is available Monday-Friday 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

  • Click their logo to be directed to their services page!

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