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What are my rights as a tenant in Chicago?

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Lawyers Committee for Better Housing is a Chicago based agency that helps support low-income renters by offering free legal services! They are an amazing asset and also support by compiling a guide to renters' rights in three languages - English, Spanish, and Chinese. Click below to check it out!

What are my rights as a tenant in Chicago IN THE WINTER?

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Chicago Tenants Movement is another Chicago based asset for renters! Their goal is to keep people in their homes. They have compiled a couple one pagers to talk about specific rights you have as a renter in the winter time (English and Spanish). Check it out here!

Need more support? Call the Chicago Renters' Rights Hotline at 312-742-RENT (312-742-7368) !!!

Metropolitan Tenants Organization has a variety of support. One service they offer is organizing! If you and your neighbors are dealing with a similar problem, call David Wilson with MTO to get connected to their Building Organization team at 773-292-4980 (ext. 239) who can tell you what is within your rights and consultation on how to organize!

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