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Our Mission

The mission of the Chicago Housing Initiative (CHI) is to amplify the power of low-income Chicago residents to preserve, improve, and expand low-cost rental housing, stabilize communities facing displacement, and advance racial and economic equity and inclusion across all of Chicago's diverse neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, CHI does not offer direct housing services -- so check out our resources tab


Accountable Housing and Anti-Discrimination Waitlist Act

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Accountability Housing and Anti-Discrimination Act.png

We officially announced two ordinances on March 23rd, 2022 at City Hall! Click the picture to be directed to our posted live stream!


Recent news from CHI!!!

Watch the full video of our Accountable Housing and Anti-Discrimination Waitlist Act press conference here!

Check out Ms. Etta from Hope Center! 

The fight for access to and the protection of low-income housing continues. Yesterday Ald. Jeanette Taylor 20th the Accountable Housing Transparency Registry Ordinance and Andre Vasquez 40th Ward introduced the Affordable Housing Preservation Act to bring a pair of public policy solutions into the expanding low-income housing crisis. The Chicago Housing Initiative looks forward to engaging with the city to tackle these issues head-on and in good faith. 

What's the wait time for housing in your community?

25 Years is #TooLongToWait


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